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Tim Jensen

Camp Director

Tim Jensen brings over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in coaching and the sports management field while serving as CEO and Founder of the Sports Shack and various other sports organization. At Sports Shack, Tim managed numerous facilities with over 50 employees and over 200 members in the club. His teams were National powerhouses and won numerous medals and tournament titles in nationally recognized events. His 18-1 team that he personally coached won back-to-back Gold medals at the USA Junior Olympics becoming one of only two coaches in the history of USA Volleyball to achieve such a feat. He is currently Co-Founder and Director of Athletics at Mamba Sports Academy. Their 100,00 square foot indoor state-of-the-art athletic and wellness complex provides youth athletic programs and local recreational space for youth sporting events to the community of the Greater Ventura County Area. Tim also is the coach of AVP/FIVB Beach volleyball players Casey Patterson and Chase Buddinger, helping them achieve their dream of an Olympic berth in 2020. He is also a member of USA Beach Volleyball’s staff.

He spent 15 years coaching and running a program at the NCAA level. The knowledge he accrued while coaching at Pepperdine University allows him to understand how to deal with people on many levels, creating a competitive learning environment. He was actively involved in recruiting, fundraising, and a member of various NCAA committees’ including the NCAA Rules Committee the NCAA Recruiting Task Force and a 2-year term as Head representative for the WCC on the Assistant Coaches Committee.

Tim has served on various community boards, consulted for many local youth sports organizations and clubs and owns numerous summer camps. His lifelong dedication to competitive sports led him to a 30 year career in volleyball where he competed in junior and collegiate volleyball and also has coached at the NCAA, professional and National Team level. He is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, Impact certified and has a CAP level II coaching certification.

Tim Jensen

UPDATE: Elite Camp and Recruiting Showcase are now full! Use the registration link to join the waitlist!

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